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Get ready to make any event or party a slam dunk with Bruno's Bounce House's Double Slide Sports Combo! Designed with sports fans in mind, this exciting inflatable ride features basketball, football, soccer, and baseball decorations, making it perfect for any sports-themed celebration. Whether you're hosting a party for boys or girls, the Double Slide Sports Combo is sure to ignite the athlete in everyone.

The Double Slide Sports Combo offers a spacious 15'x15' bounce house area that includes a basketball court, allowing participants to showcase their athletics and engage in friendly competitions. With plenty of room to jump and play, the bouncing area is equipped with a full-sized bouncing mattress, ensuring maximum bounce and excitement for all.

But the fun doesn't stop there! As participants tire themselves out from all the bouncing, they can have a blast sliding down the two exit slides. These additional features provide an extra element of thrill and entertainment as they make their way out of the arena.

Safety is always a top priority. Rest assured that the Double Slide Sports Combo meets all safety guidelines and regulations, providing a secure environment for everyone. Our commitment to safety means you can enjoy peace of mind while your guests have a great time.

Whether you're organizing a birthday party, a team celebration, a sports-themed event, or any other gathering, the Double Slide Sports Combo is guaranteed to keep everyone entertained for hours. It's the perfect attraction to create lasting memories and ensure a memorable experience.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your event with the Double Slide Sports Combo. Contact us today to book this exciting inflatable and make your celebration a sporting success!

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  • # of additional jugs of syrup (2 jugs incl with rental)

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    Make your event memorable for years to come!

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  • # of additional servings (20 servings incl with rental)

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    Bruno's Bounce House is proud to offer the Flammin Wave Dual Slide, one of our newest and most exciting additions to our slide collection. This water slide is designed to provide endless fun and refreshment during hot summer days.

    The Flammin Wave Dual Slide is equipped with an easy-to-use water misting system, eliminating the need for constant adjustment or removal. This innovative feature keeps the slide wet and slippery, enhancing the slide experience for children and ensuring hours of enjoyment.

    We prioritize safety, and that's why the climbing area, top landing platform, and pool areas of the Flammin Wave Dual Slide are made with a non-slip material. This helps prevent accidents and provides a secure surface for kids to climb and play on.

    The slide itself has a height of 17 feet and features a full pool at the end, complete with a raised wall for added safety. This design not only ensures a thrilling slide experience but also prevents excessive water splashing outside the pool area.

    Renting the 17' Flammin Wave Dual Slide from Bruno's Bounce House guarantees a fantastic and refreshing time for everyone involved. Beat the heat and cool off in the inviting pool, creating lasting memories of laughter and excitement.

    So, if you're looking to add a splash of fun to your next event or party, don't hesitate to rent the Flammin Wave Dual Slide. Contact Bruno's Bounce House today to reserve this exhilarating water slide and ensure a cool and enjoyable experience for all!

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